Services Offered

The following is a list of the standard services that Champion Home Watch & Concierge performs with each visit.

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Home Exterior - Visual check of exterior perimeter of the home; includes looking for cracks and leaks in the following:     


Spigots and External Pipes




Visual check of pool, water level, and gauges/components on pumps where relevant. (Does not include monitoring or balancing of chemical levels in water.)

Home Interior - Visual check of the inside of the home; includes looking for leaks or issues with the following:     

Visual check of ceiling and walls for water spots.

Check and record thermostat readings.

Check refrigerator/freezer temperature.

Visual check in cabinets and common hiding spots for common household pests.

Visual check for mold.

Visual check for running water and leaks in toilets, sink(s), showers/tubs, washing machine, and dishwasher.

Run appliance cycles as needed. 

Visual check of breaker panel for tripped switches.

Visual check of smoke detectors; change batteries as needed.

Visual check of water softener systems; add/replace* salt as needed. (*using existing salt. Contact for Specifics if salt unavailable on site.)

Additional Services Offered

The following is a list of the optional, additional services that Champion Home Watch & Concierge can perform with each visit for an additional fee.

Pick-Up/Drop-Off from arrivals/departures terminal(s) at RSW airport (to destinations within 15 miles of airport). Contact for Specifics

Will shop to (re) stock grocery items before arrival. Contact for Specifics

Call to service professionals to set-up maintenance on any appliances or components found to be defective or in need of repairs. Contact for Specifics

Wait for service professionals to arrive. Will greet them and wait while they complete service. Contact for Specifics

Forwarding letters and packages that arrive. Contact for Specifics

Pre-storm check-up (available up to 48 hours before anticipated hurricane or tropical storm arrival); includes “before” photo documentation, securing shutters as needed, small loose debris removal, securing loose furniture, examine trees to determine necessary pruning/trimming Contact for Specifics

Post-storm check-up; includes “after” photo documentation, removing shutters as needed, small loose debris removal and cleanup. Contact for Specifics

Cleaning services offered. Contact for Specifics

Basic Auto Maintenance; will start car engine, check air in tires, and fluid levels. Contact for Specifics